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Evigan N. Sengebau [Palau]

Evigan Sengebau

Evigan Sengebau

Degree sought: Health Sciences
Hometown: Koror, Palau

What drew your interest to the CHL training program?
Childhood obesity is increasing in Palau, and the cause of it is that the kids in Palau do not eat healthy diets or exercise regularly. The CHL training program would give me the knowledge and the experience to help change the ways of the youth of Palau.

I also saw this as an opportunity to spread my love to all of Palau. I do not want others, particularly young children, to feel the pressure that the social media shows related to the idea that “sex sells.” In other words, in order to be beautiful their clothes have to be a certain size. I wish the kids of Palau would see that it is okay not to be a size 2, and that what really matters is that a person must love him or herself enough to make a healthier change in their life. The CHL training program gives me the tools to be able to help in the initiative to reduce childhood obesity in Palau and the Pacific region.

What are your long-term goals?
I have the desire to return to Palau and help make a big change for the future generations. I do not want the kids in Palau to experience peer pressure like I did. I want parents to know and understand the emphasis of instilling healthy eating habits in their children. Once kids are exposed to such things their mentality has become accustomed to it and they do not want to change their ways. I also want kids to know the importance of practicing healthy lifestyle choices. If they recognize that being physically active and eating foods that are good for the body, they would try to put it into practice.

After completing your studies, how do you hope to impact your home community?
With the knowledge and experience that I have acquired from the CHL training program, I would return to Palau and implement what I have learned to help change or reduce childhood obesity.  I have noticed that kids that are overweight and I want to motivate the youth of Palau to be more energetic about eating healthy foods, become more physically active, and be less sedentary.

What are your hobbies / interests?
On my free time I like to read books for fun and for educational purposes. I would describe myself as somebody who tries my best in all that I want to achieve. I feel that it is important to complete any task given to the fullest of my ability. I definitely am the type of person who loves spending time with my family.