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Lilian Rebecca Nimwes Billimon [Chuuk]

Lilian Billimon

Lilian Billimon

Degree sought:  Health Sciences
Hometown:  Weno, Tunnuk, Chuuk FSM

What drew your interest to the CHL training program?
I became interested in the CHL Training Program when I found out that CHL offered an opportunity to study in the field of health, which is one resource that my Island of Chuuk does not have. Chuuk has lacked the resources for health programs and staff to provide efficient treatment and learning to the communities.  This affects the children of today who will be the next generation.  I was very much interested in the CHL Training Program because it offers me a chance to help serve my community and this program deals with helping children which I am most compassionate for.

What are your long-term goals?
Once I have completed my studies in the CHL Training Program, I plan to return to my Island of Chuuk and help my people.

After completing your studies, how do you hope to impact your home community?
I plan on helping my community by providing programs that deal with health issues.  This will bring more understanding to the minds of the people about the health crisis we are currently facing every day of our lives. This program will bring awareness to the community on how to live in a healthier environment and many lives can be saved.

What are your hobbies / interests?
My hobbies and interests include volunteering for the program that my school offers to children who desire to pursue a higher level of education. I have volunteered for the past two summers in 2010-2012 and I am also in a club at my school that volunteers to tutor children during my school hours. I am very much interested in working with children because I am very passionate about being a part of, and impacting a generation that has great responsibilities waiting for them. This gives me faith in knowing that the next generation will live in a healthier environment.